Cradle Mountain Hotel


Address: 3718 Cradle Mountain Road, Cradle Mountain TAS, Australia

GPS: -41.57333, 145.934567
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Phone number: +61 3 6492 1404

Customers reviews

Total rating: 2.69/5, rated 5x
Cradle Mountain Hotel
: aggregate rating: 0.33/3
Not worth your time or money. Meals were ridiculously priced we paid $30 each for breakfast but another $5 for a hot chocolate with the same breakfast. Staff had lack of courtesy or desire to be there. I mentioned my concerns with the morning manager and she said, yeah they're new, these things happen.I could hear my neighbors across the hall "moaning" at 11pm and then again at 7am before breakfast. If you're under 50 yrs old don't waste your money, there is much better in the area... It's not the only place on top of the mountain. Needless to say if I ever go back to Cradle Mountain I wouldn't even stop in to use the toilet.
quality: 0/3, facilities: 1/3, service: 0/3
Cradle Mountain Hotel
: aggregate rating: 2.67/3
Fantastic place in the middle of nowhere, quiet and luxuriously comfortable. Ideal if a retreat from the busy world is what you are looking for. Food is very good, rooms are spacious. Getting here by car from Hobart means getting dizzy on those terrible roads full of curves, but that's the price you have to pay. Would definitely come back again if ever we return to Tasmania.
quality: 3/3, facilities: 3/3, service: 2/3
Cradle Mountain Hotel
: aggregate rating: 0.67/3
Average hotel with exorbitant prices. Nice enough, but look elsewhere.
quality: 1/3, facilities: 1/3, service: 0/3
Cradle Mountain Hotel
: aggregate rating: 3/3
In response to the last review, The reasons why it was raining for 3 days: 1. Possibly because it is a MOUNTAIN. 2. Tasmania's climate has an average of low degrees ( maybe you should have researched this before travelling here). 3. The time of your travel. 4. Because sometimes the weather does what it likes, it doesn't chop and change to suit people. Reasons why the 4wd trip did not take place: 1. For your own safety - would you have appreciated it more if they took you 4wd'ing and you crashed due to the conditions? I think not. 2. Legal obligations 3. The safety of others 4. The safety of wild life. Why spotlighting did not include shooting: 1. Because we care for our wild life!! Just because they get in the way, doesn't mean we kill them. 2. Tasmania is home to many ENDANGERED species. 3. Killing is not a typical thing we do around Tasmania and I don't see why you stupid Americans can't see that! Reasons why the staff had 'harsh' Australian accents: BECAUSE THEY ARE AUSTRALIAN! But only an American would be daft enough to use that when critiquing a hotel. If you don't like the Australian accent, don't come to Australia!! SIMPLE! Doesn't compare to Yellowstone? Good, it's not about comparison to an American getaway because unlike you, we do not strive to be like everywhere else!
quality: 3/3, facilities: 3/3, service: 3/3
Cradle Mountain Hotel
: aggregate rating: 1/3
We travelled all the way from the USA to see cradle mountains but it rained for three days and was told that there was no 4wd trip to the top of the mountain and spot lighting did not include shooting, we noted the eccesive amount of wild life around the accomadation ( maybee some culling would be advised) or introduce hunting tours. The staff were frendly but found it hard to understand their harsh australian accent, unfortuantly does not compare to yellowstone
overall: 1/3